london day 5: demo, belgo, wicked

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I promised the london team I’d do a demo for them, and I did. Took IT a long while to set it up, so I had to talk through a cheat sheet before launching into the demo. Seemed to have been well received.

Back in the hotel room, I ate the whole packet of chicken wings from last night. It’s not the chinese chicken wings that mm and I love, those aren’t available anymore. Still, I ate the whole thing. Heh.

Tube to Victoria to get a ticket for wicked. Bus to Hard Rock Café, and yes there was a new polo shirt for this year. Walked all the way via Green Park and Buck House to belgo, not intentionally, just that i’m all about going to familiar places. At last, after 20 years, I managed to sample the beat-the-clock offer — between 5pm and 6.30pm pay the price shown on the clock for several menu items. I had a bowl of moules traditionale, which cost me £5.50. And a beer. I just made it by about 5-10mins, cos after I ordered, what feels like a whole school of german teenagers trooped in and occupied all but one row of that section. Boy was it noisy.

Back to the apollo victoria for wicked. My seat was in the middle of the stalls. A little spoiled by the tall guy sitting in front of me. Anyway, that’s a separate 101.1001 post.