The aisle seat was unoccupied, I had a comfortable flight back. Only got 3 hrs sleep though. Our captain was a woman, I shouldn’t be surprised but I was. Especially since I think I saw her at heathrow when I checked in. There was a whole bunch of them and a slim fortysomething lady had bright, shock red hair. I remember thinking, she can’t be a flight attendant cos they’re usually more conservative. Then I saw her pilot’s uniform and figured she was a cockpit crew. If that really was the captain, I think she’s pretty cool.

Because of the volcanic ash cloud our flight plan was changed to fly further north, adding an hour to the time. By the time I got home it was past 1pm. I unpacked everything and immediately went out to the store.

Too tired to cook. Netflix kindly sent me sherlock holmes during the week, it was perfect for the afternoon. I wanted to wait till later to call mum for mother’s day but it didn’t work. Going for a nap at 7.30pm whilst jetlagged is not a good idea. I slept till 3.30am, called her, then went back to bed.