I turned down afterwork drinks to go home and watch the biggest loser finale. I enjoyed this season, the contestants were generally likable and it was encouraging to see them become healthier. Is a 4-month bootcamp with a focus on weightloss the best way, probably not. But for this group, it’s a good start.

The F3 were a revelation. Orange Daris turned into a very good-looking young man, and a runner too! He did a marathon in just over 4 hrs, wow. Pink Ashley has such a wonderful personality, everyone underestimated her in the beginning and she ninja’ed her way to F3. The winner, White Mike, started as the heaviest man ever at 576 pounds. He was a little unpopular in the beginning but won me over with his hard work, losing 264 pounds. Wow, that’s like, 2 of me.

Missing drinks was worth it.