#38(2) new US state: Tennessee

nash006bridge  nash003carriage

So we set off at 6.30am to drive our way to orlando. It was a pleasant drive, much more relaxed since there are 3 of us. We’d made sandwiches last night, and loaded Car’s truck with snacks. The plan was to hit Nashville by the afternoon. I think we drove through TN on the way from TX to DC a couple of years ago, but it doesn’t really count.

With the wonders of the iphone and car’s mom making the reservation, we got ourselves a nice room at the residence inn. Original plan was to visit the grand ole opry, home of country music. Of course, we’re in tennessee. Unfortunately, it was closed due to flooding. So sad.

Went to mass at a nearby church. It was an…interesting experience. Clearly everyone knew each other, and we were stark outsiders. The possession went in and out at lightning speed and everyone began chatting and leaving even during the last hymn. Unusual.

We did make our way downtown for a brief looksee. Went to the hard rock café to get a shirt and bought a fedora in the process. These were taken just outside the hrc — opposite the river looking at the bridge, and a touristy horse-drawn carriage.

Dinner was at boundry, with car’s cousin. We were early so we sat in the very nice bar watching the hockey. So funny to be watching the chicago blackhawks even while travelling. The restaurant was okay. Service was very very slow so we didn’t get out till late.