con thursday

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Meetings attended today:

  • welcome meeting
  • engaging the reader with kenna white and tracey richardson
  • 7 steps to writing real people with kg
  • romance writers on romance, moderated by georgia with karin, rachel, jane vollbrecht, marianne martin
  • reading with karin, cheri, dalia, nann, moon, pol, nat and chef

Lunch was with chef and tracy, a new friend. I had a nice chicken and spinach salad. Dinner was with the bella crew, 24+ people at the house of blues. It was a lot of fun. A lot of overseas attendees, especially from the forum — aside from postie, there were new friends from norway, belgium, holland. I love having a forum and european bunch.

There was a break between the end of the day’s program and dinner, so I did laundry and went running on the treadmill. When I lived at PT, I loved the treadmill. Now it’s a chore.