con friday


Attended today:

  • membership meeting
  • special speaker: karin, book soup
  • coffee chat with karen, dillon and georgia (that’s their shoes in the pic, no prizes for guessing which pair belongs to whom)
  • millennial generation with rachel

I skipped the last session, nothing interested me. Dinner with chef, rrrose, dk, lynn and dillon at benihana. It was good hibachi.

The evening’s entertainment was karaoke, which was supposed to be poolside. That got moved indoors due to afternoon thunderstorms. Of course by the time it started the rain had disappeared. I stayed long enough to be amazed at pennie and mercedes’ singing skills. But my main aim was to get in the pool. Did a little bit of swimming, had to stop cos of water in ears. Mostly stuck around and chatted with the small group that was there. Eventually we moved to the hot tub for a while. Was back in the room 10-ish.