con sunday

The last day of the con. Sad. Too many good-byes. Next year seems such a long way away. Note, if I remember: bring some frangos for the silent auction. No need to pack a suit, there were lots of people in casual clothing. Bring the hilton honors card.

I was way early for the airport, even though I already got a bus later than the concierge suggested. Mortified to find that there is no admiral’s club at MCO (they want us to do more shopping), but balanced out by free wifi. Played with both the iphone and ipad till boarding. Flight was uneventful. I read amy dawson robertson’s book, which I couldn’t put down! Had to switch the reader off for landing, but I was reading it at the luggage carousel and when I got home. Ignored all my mafia wars and vampire wars requests to finish it in bed. It really was that good.