action packed day

Managed to cram a lot into one day. First thing, did laundry and bedsheet laundry. The downstairs neighbour was having a party so there was a lot of in and out activity. I decided not to use the dryer, just my drying racks.

Ran 10.5km (6.5miles) down the lake and back up. Pretty good run. Quick lunch of noodles and I was out the door at 1pm on my way to the airport to pick up my parents. Yay!!! They’re here to visit me. Long wait. Their flight landed around 2.40pm and it took them till almost 5pm to get out. I was getting worried…although I could see it was wicked busy and people from their flight was trickling out. Turned out there was a huge queue at immigration. I feel sorry for people needing to transit. We managed to squeeze their suitcases into my little car and we were home.

The midsommarfest was on so we walked over for a looksee. Had street food — sausages, sliders from hamburger mary’s and chocolate dipped cheesecake. Shopping at jewel and we were home. It’s so nice to have them here.