food shopping kind of day


This morning we went to the farmer’s market at lincoln park. Aside from small wet patches there were no signs of the heavy thunderstorm last night. Bought mushrooms and mom bought some handmade nougat.

Lunch at corcoran’s opposite fleet feet piper’s alley. I had a bbq southwestern chicken salad, mum had caesar salad with steak and papa had turkey burger. Sat outside in the sun, again no sign of the thunderstorm just last night.

Took me a while, but I finally got them to whole foods. This is the huge one at north & clybourn. And wow. Big. We were very controlled, didn’t buy too many — beer, cereal bar, carrot juice, mustard.

Early father’s day dinner at home. I opened a bottle of wine. Took them out to the lake and watched the sunset. It was the first time I’d sat over there at foster beach watching the sunset.