flight karma

When I booked the flight, the return leg had me sitting in a middle seat. I wasn’t that bothered, I figured when I get to the airport I can ask for a better seat. Then when I did online check-in earlier today, I saw that I’d been re-allocated to an exit row aisle. Wow. Legroom. Nice.

I got to LGA very early. Took me almost 30mins to get a cab, and traffic was horrendous. Still managed okay. I remembered that once inside there wasn’t much to eat, so I had a five guys hamburger at the food court. It was the least uninteresting food. Nah, that’s not fair. Five Guys is interesting food. Their selling point is juicy burgers and good fries. I eschewed the fries, couldn’t face so many calories. But the burger was juicy. There were 2 patties and the juice ran all the way down my fingers. Free refill on the soft drinks, but that doesn’t mean a great deal cos we can’t bring it beyond security.

Flight was delayed a little. I got on early and was settling in to read before the seat-belt light came off. Then the passenger next to me got on and asked if I could swap with his wife, who was sitting 5 rows ahead in a window seat. Stupidly I gave up my legroom and agreed. It was okay, I’m comfortable in a window seat. I just hope this good deed comes back to me some day. I had to go to the bathroom when I got off, perfect timing my suitcase came out just when I strolled to the luggage carousel.