taste of chicago

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I needed to pick up my running packet for tomorrow’s race, so I dragged my dad along to Taste. We took the 147 bus and was there in no time. I remember my own advice, of getting there at 11am when they start to avoid the crowds.

Couldn’t find the running crew to get the packet. I’ll get it before the race tomorrow. We explored all of the stalls, and took our pick of what looked interesting. Polish sausage, pierogi, catfish, turkey wings. I liked the sausage deep dish pizza from Lou’s, and we both had a huge rainbow cone to finish.

Tickets weren’t cheap. $8 for a strip of 12. Most normal sized portions were from 8-12 tickets, with sampler sizes 2-4 tickets. It was hot and I really wanted a beer, but at 9 or 10 tickets, that’s like $6. I waited till I got home.