taste take 2

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So since Papa and I scoped out taste last weekend, it was our turn to take Mum there. Unlike last week, they didn’t let people in till 11am on the dot. Silly, cos they could have just let people in 15mins early to buy tickets instead of a huge crowd building outside the gate rushing in.

We kept to taste portions and tried many of the ones we liked last time — polish sausage sandwich at kasia’s, lou’s deep dish pizza. New was Iyanze, an African restaurant. The jerk chicken with rice was very nice, and the unusual bissap sorbet (frozen hibiscus tea) perfect for the hot day. Savoury was rounded by steak and chicken taco.

Dessert was sugar-free chocolate cheesecake from eli’s, watermelon from dominick’s. I had a frozen yogurt and berry cone while parents shared a rainbow cone. We stayed under the shade of the trees near the Congress entrance, right opposite the free amp lemonade stand.

It got very very crowded. We were full and had used up all our tickets. Time to go home to relax.