niagara us side


We crossed over to the US side early to avoid the crowds. Found a nice parking spot at the Niagara State Park and spent a few hours enjoying the falls from another perspective. It was still awesome to see how the river torrents tumbled over the sides. Have to be there to truly appreciate how big the falls are.


I queued up for 2 hours to go on the cave of the winds trip. Only one functioning lift carried 12 people down to almost river level and it’s a short walk to the bottom of the American Falls. And by bottom I mean bottom. That’s me there with my arms waving while being plummelled by the force of the water. This is absolutely the wettest experience of the whole trip, and the one I most want to repeat. They give us sandals to change into, and I should also have changed into shorts. It’s like coming out of a washing machine.

Very unforgettable.

We got to BUF very early so we sat ourselves down at the food court watching the world cup. Our flight was delayed cos ORD was under “ground stop”. Eventually we were airborne but ended up circling over some point, and when we ran out of fuel had to stop at grand rapids to refuel. A flight that is supposed to take only 1.5hours took almost 5. It was past 9pm when we got home.

Didn’t dampen our mood. It was a great trip.