running, slurpee, world cup, navy pier


Went running this morning, 5 miles to the flag and back. Seeing that it was free slurpee day (7/11 and all), I ran to the 7-eleven and got this tiny cup of slurpee. I mean, tiny.

Watched the world cup final on tv. Very scrappy game, I was getting bored and not wanting to sit through the extra time. I wanted holland to win but am fine with Spain winning, they were the better team.

Took the bus down to navy pier. Parents are so familiar with the buses, better than me lol. Walked to the end, sat there for a bit, then had dinner at bubba gump. I take everyone there, and usually it’s well received. We ordered crab legs and assorted shrimps. Papa and I had margaritas. It started raining mid-way through dinner and by the time we got home it got heavy. They had a small umbrella between them, I had to be content with running very fast home.