garage sale

The neighbourhood residents group organised a community garage sale today. For $10 they handle the permits, printed maps and distributed balloons for marketing. Coincidentally, my immediate neighbour is also participating, and another neighbour brought her stuff over so we had a 3 family-2 garage sale. Convenient for shoppers.

I have a lot of junk. It wasn’t difficult to get 10+ boxes of stuff I want to sell — stationery, kitchen stuff, games. I’d prepped over the week, sticking prices and set up the tables yesterday. People came in waves. The early birds looked like professionals! Then there were the families having a nice time. I didn’t have many problems, one old lady paid me $1 in loose change, including 20 pennies. I was tempted to not sell to her. Then this guy came with his dog and I didn’t let the dog inside the garage and he left in a huff. Did I care that I may have lost his business? Not one single bit. I asked all dog owners to leave their dogs outside. Dog owners need to learn to respect other people’s wishes and property. The sense of entitlement and arrogance is astounding.

I didn’t sell everything. What I really wanted to sell, my glassware, didn’t attract any buyers. It was the same with my neighbour, people just weren’t interested in glassware. Ah well. All in all, I made $172.50. Subtracting the $10 fee and $5 for labels, quite a nice profit.