why I don’t want my location known


Sarah Lacey at Techcrunch wrote about why she doesn’t use foursquare, which is rare in in the Silicon Valley world. The pros are abundant — location based services allow personalising, and the game aspect is pretty cool. But as she says,

telling my friends where I am doesn’t gives me enough in return to warrant the privacy invasion

She goes on to talk about shopkick and why she might start using it. All for extremely good reasons.

All this is really a segue into my reasoning on why I don’t use foursquare or gowalla and such like. I don’t particularly want people to know I’m at the supermarket or the dentist’s. I’ve seen check-ins from people on fb that they’re at the doctor’s or hairdresser’s and I’m thinking I really have no use for this information.

In any case, my locations will be extremely boring — home, office, “L”, lake and occasionally supermarket. I mean, who in the right mind will want to know that?