#16 buffy season 7

I finally sat down and watched season 7. I know exactly what happened, what with recaps and online videos, but didn’t get round to watching the whole season till now. Sigh. It was as expected, and disappointing. Well, I expected it to be disappointing.

It was so boring. I couldn’t wait till it all ended so I could put the box away. The episodes bled into each other, and the First, Bringers, Potential, General!Buffy storyline was dragged on for far too long.

Buffy was obviously suffering from paranoia, depression and all sorts of trauma. Giles was a bumbling idiot. Willow the most bumbling idiot of them all. I mean, just because she’s afraid of her powers doesn’t mean her IQ should disappear, right? And that’s what they did to her, took away her intelligence. And poor Xander, sidelined. Anya did her best. Andrew was meh.

The bright spots for me were Dawn, Faith and actually the Potentials. I enjoyed watching the Potentials, they did a good job even though there were so many of them and they were fighting with each other for screen time. Faith brought it, as usual. And Dawn. I used to hate Dawn, but she grew backbone and MT did a great job making her convincing. I also liked Kennedy. I know why people are against her in principle, cos she’s no Tara. But on her own, she had a credible storyline and IL gave her just enough spunk.

The ending was complete crap. All of a sudden the Guardians appear? Willow remember how to do a spell? The scythe was the most plastic looking weapon ever. They used to have good weapons (see Faith’s knife) and surely could have done better.

I’ve deliberately left out Spike. HATE. One second of screentime was one second too much. I should have been glad he got killed, if only I didn’t know he’d come back on Angel. Spike and Spuffy totally ruined the show for me.

That was a big negative rant. All I feel is a whopping “is that it?” If I’d watched it during 2003 it would have turned me off the show completely.