pasta with squash, bacon, basil and goat’s cheese


There are still some summer squash left at farmer’s markets. I got green and yellow pattypans and small yellow courgettes. Two new recipes, the first one is rigatoni with summer squash, bacon, basil and goat’s cheese, from the kitchn.

  • cook and drain pasta, keep a little of the cooking water
  • fry up the bacon and cut into pieces, drain on kitchen towel
  • pour out all but a little of the bacon fat, sweat garlic
  • add courgettes and cook till done
  • add pasta to pan, season
  • add fresh basil
  • turn heat off, crumble goat’s cheese over
  • add a splash of pasta water to make a creamy sauce

My bacon was in bite sized pieces, unlike the recipe which used it as topping. I wanted to eat that bacon! I used rigatoni, I think a smaller and more delicate pasta would have made the dish prettier. But no complaints. It tasted wonderful. I made this on Saturday, for carb loading for the 20-miler on Sunday. I had TWO helpings.