nano day 10


2,585 words | 25,337 words total

Well, here’s the big sigh of relief at reaching 25k. Halfway to target. I only just started chapter 6 of 12, so perhaps this will be a 60k story. Unlike past years I haven’t done the how many words per chapter statistic, I know chapter 4 was long and chapter 5 was shorter, but I don’t have the wordcounts. Feels good to be not so numbers obsessed, fretting about reaching a certain goal for the chapter. The overall goal is enough.

Bobbi posted a question on my fb status, asking why I do nano. It’s a great question. I nano because it’s what I do in November, it’s as simple as that. With one exception, it’s been like this since 2004. Why do I write, in general? That is a more complex question and today my answer is that i write because I used to be good at it and I want to rediscover that ability. Is it a good enough reason? I don’t know.