real food festival

ldnrealfood018cheese ldnrealfood028macaroon

I was at the real food festival early, even before the doors opened at 11am. It was a nice day out, lots of stalls and demos at the exhibition centre:

  • Cesar Garcia from iberica showing us how to make 3 spanish dishes in 30mins, including a nice looking red berries gazpacho
  • Mark Gilchrist showing us how to skin a rabbit
  • Polish food, Chinese food, Indian food, Welsh food, food boxes, organic everything
  • beer, cider, wine makers
  • cheese, cheese and more cheese
  • game meat, meat pies
  • sauces and condiments
  • sweets, baked goods, dessert, coffee, tea, drinks


And many many more. I was there till past 3pm, sampled lots and my backpack was very very heavy when I went home. This is what I bought, from left to right: beer, cider, buffalo burger, ostrich burger, venison chops & filet, calves liver, Indian meals, chutney, organic caviar, apple & chili jam, jerk seasoning, balsamic vinegar, assorted cheeses, naan, beef pie.