travel day


It’s been a long time since I flew on Virgin, but they had the only direct flight to Orlando. I did splurge for Premium Economy, not mentally able to deal with the families and children on the crowded plane. It’s also been a long time since I went to Gatwick. The flight was delayed 1 hr because of late incoming aircraft, so I had plenty of time. Had a sausage mcmuffin breakfast, walked around the shops then found a space to read and bbm with mm.

The PE seats are upstairs on the 747. Definitely not business class, the seats are wider and there is more legroom, but the aircraft itself felt old and tired. The movies was the old system where they played at set times, not on demand. Food was okay, passable.

8.5hrs flight. I’d rented a car, and took a little while to get used to driving. Straightforward drive to the hotel, and then I was enveloped in hugs by Car, her mom and Ann. It’s a new hotel for the conference so everyone had to find their way round. The meet and greet was in the vendor’s room with no alcohol. Afterwards some of us went to the bar and had plenty of beer and chat. It was great to say hello to people I hadn’t seen in a year and people I was meeting in person for the first time.