nano day 18 – done


3,579 words | 50,755 words total

My 8th nano is done. At the rate I’m going, this particular novel will reach 100k, there is still quite a long way to go with the story. The missing friend has been found, having been in a car accident somewhere up north. Our MCs go visit, and more intrigue is revealed. Once they get back home, the friend’s son gets into trouble, and MC1’s status as anti-terrorism sleeper agent is put at risk, as is her budding relationship with MC2, because of the need to keep undercover. But I’ll stop here, if I have the inclination to write, I should work on the LL rewrite rather than continue with this story. There are many other stories ahead of it in the queue.

I think I may have hit upon a nano-winning method. I’ve learned to write filler. Lots of it. The words add up when I use descriptions and spend a chapter or so on backstory. Bear in mind that I’m not a descriptive writer, and my method of advancing the story is usually dialogue — short dialogue — it’s not very natural. A large chunk of these 50k words will not pass the first read through test, so a 100k first draft is reasonable, expecting 10-20k to be cut.

I’ve also learned that having a smaller 2,000 word daily target as opposed to tough 5,000 words is better, and I don’t get too stressed. So I don’t finish on the 10th, it’s not the end of the world. Carving out a 2 hour block in the evening is good discipline too.

There’s hope for me. I may become a real writer one of these days.