homemade lemon curd


Mise en place to me isn’t just weighing out and prepping the ingredients, it’s the process and equipment too. To prepare homemade preserves like jams and marmalade, the first thing to do is to sterilise the containers. I washed them very thoroughly in soapy water, then placed the jars in an oven at 150°C. The lids I put in a pot of boiling water.

The lemon curd recipe itself is from bbc and very straightforward:

  • zest and juice 5 medium lemons (recipe was for 4 large lemons) — I measured the juice, I had 175ml
  • mix the zest, juice with 100g butter and 180-200g sugar in a bowl over a bain marie — the jar lids were still boiling away in the main pot
  • lightly whisk 4 eggs and add slowly to the lemon butter mixture
  • cook for 15-20mins over the bain marie, stirring constantly, until thick and coated the back of a spoon

I’d used slightly less sugar than the recipe, measured out 180g and added about an extra tablespoon when I was tasting at the end. The resultant lemon curd was really wonderful — lovely and smooth and glossy, still a little tangy because of the reduced sugar, it will become a favourite I hope.