rss to facebook

The blog feeds to facebook via networked blogs which generates a status message that includes the url to the post, entry title, excerpt and a thumbnail of the first image. Most images are stored at flickr, but since they changed their embed method the feed has not behaved.


The link and titles are still there, but the thumbnail didn’t get pulled, even though there is an image associated with the post. A screenshot of the website shows up instead. Looks boring on my fb wall.

I thought the problem may be with networked blogs, in any case I’ve been wanting to find an alternative for a while — they are not reliable and there is often a huge delay. I like the look of ifttt, aka if this then that, which allows me to use a recipe:


The result is better:


No screenshot of the website, but the first image it pulled was the powered by MT4 icon at the sidebar. Not what I wanted either. To find out why, I had to look into the templates. The entry template gave me the resaon:


The sidebar came first then entry detail. There are a bunch of buttons on the sidebar:


They were fun 10 years ago, to show the how the site was made and how it’s w3c compatible and all. Not very interesting now, so I pulled them.

I wanted to check if flickr was actually the problem so I made a couple of test posts which used the old html embed and the new iframe embed.


No problem, so it wasn’t flickr. The only slight complaint was the excerpt couldn’t be included, as it’s not offered as an ingredient in the ifttt recipe. May be an improvement for future.