hokkaido day 2: sapporo


Buffet breakfast at the hotel. We saw the offer yesterday when we checked in, of ¥1030 per person and thought we should try it. Great Japanese breakfast of rice, fish, noodles, salad. Went back to our room to call around for car rental and got a good offer at Nissan, we’ll pick the car up tomorrow.


sap044clock sap053tvtower

Lots of walking today. First to the red brick former government building, clock tower, odori park and nijo market. It was a little cold and because it’s low season, not so packed with tourists everywhere. Nice. We even found a large ¥100 shop where we bought some chocolate, bargain chapstick, coke and folders.

sap081nijooyster sap088nijoclam

At nijo market, we stopped at one of the shops and had the most exquisite oyster and clam, freshly shucked in front of our eyes. Less than ¥2000. One thing great about Japan, even the public loos at a market are clean and have heated toilet seats.

sap100susukino sap117ramenalley
sap125ramencrab sap126ramenpork

We continued walking to tanukikoji shopping arcade. By that time my knee was started to be a little painful so we took things slowly. Not too much to see or shop, although we walked almost the length of the arcade. Next stop was susukino, the entertainment district. A kindly traffic policeman directed us to the ramen alley, we picked one place that served miso ramen and watched as the chef made the dish in front of our eyes. I had crab leg ramen and mm had pork ramen. Delicious late lunch.

sap140cake sap146cake

It started snowing a bit as we walked back towards the station. Stopped at mitsukoshi to scout out their whisky selection — not extension although we tried this great ¥5400 sake that was tempting. A little further along we spotted a sort of dessert food court, just in time for tea and to rest my knee. Out of the large selection, we both picked strawberry cake. One was a feathery chiffon cake and the other had an outer wrapping of pancake, interesting and gave a different taste and texture.

sap155uniikurarice sap157squidriceokra

Back to hotel and rested for a bit. Dinner was at a restaurant on 6/F Stellar Place, one of the station shopping complex. It was a pre-birthday treat for me, we had deep fried asparagus, live squid sashimi, uni & ikura rice and umeshu. Lovely peaceful setting, with a window seat looking out at the city lights.

Walked around the shops after dinner and got some coffee, dessert and a beer from the convenience store.

Lots of walking today, from 10am to 4pm, with rest stops. My knee survived the day, the discomfort wasn’t as much the actual walking, it was more to do with wearing the brace all day.

30in30 #7: walk 60mins


Task #7 in 30 in 30 is to run/walk/bike 60mins.

Day two of our Hokkaido vacation. Today our plan was to cover the main area of downtown Sapporo. We walked to the red brick government building, the clock tower, odori park, nijo market, tanukikoji shopping arcade, susukino, ramen alley and back to sapporo station to our hotel. Lots and lots of walking. Quite a lot of pictures. It was a little chilly, there was still some snow on the ground and late afternoon we got some heavy sleet.

We set off at 10am and came back to our room at around 4pm. Not all walking, there were stops at nijo market for oysters and clams, at ramen alley for ramen and at a fabulous cake shop for fabulous strawberry cake. All in all though, I think we walked for something like 3-4hrs today. My knee held out, it got a bit sore towards the later part of the afternoon, which was why we went back to the hotel to rest before dinner.