cruise alaska day13: vancouver day 04

More packing in the morning. Had breakfast at Tim Horton’s again, after looking around the area immediately next to the hotel and deciding it was the best option: blueberry cream cheese bagel. We then loaded the car and drove to Richmond in search of king crab legs. Even at the wet market they were nowhere to be found. Why doesn’t Vancouver have an awesome seafood market like Pike Place in Seattle?

Dropped mum off at departures, returned the car, then went to check in. Two bags each, no problem getting through. The nice lady at the counter even offered us the middle 3 seats—the flight wasn’t full so we had all 3 seats to ourselves and 2 aisle seats. Nice.

Lunch at the terminal after security. Mum opted for roast pork noodles and I looked at the burgers at A&W before going for the noodles too. I did get the root beer. At the duty free I deliberated on whether to buy a whisky but eventually I did get a bottle of Glen Breton, Canada’s only single malt whisky. I figured I probably won’t have the opportunity to get it in the forseeable future and it’s in the 101 whiskies book.


Our flight was slightly delayed, and so our trip has come to an end. Final pic of Vancouver, the rainbow crossing at Davie, I had to get my camera out quickly to snap this while the light was red.