Stopped by the supermarket to get some grapes and beer. I prefer bottled beer so the choices are normally:

  • what I really want: craft beer, ales from the UK — I don’t get these because they are expensive
  • what I never buy: san miguel, skol, budweiser or a brand name I’d never heard of that is incredible cheap
  • what I sometimes buy: tsingtao or yangjing — acceptable taste, usually comes with a buy 3 get one free offer which makes it difficult for me because I can’t carry 3 bottles
  • what I usually get: japanese beer — good middle ground, I like the taste and the price is somewhere between the cheap watery beer and the expensive craft beers

I had pabst blue ribbon in the never buy category, because I’ve never tried it. Today Kirin and Asahi were on bulk buy offers and I really only wanted one bottle, so I thought I’d give PBR a try. It was pretty okay, a bit bland but not as bad as bud or miller. I remember reading that PBR has become the beer of choice for hipsters because of its “coolness” factor. I just have to laugh. I thought card-carrying hipsters won’t be seen dead without an oddly named craft beer.