best park

Mashable had a list of world’s 10 best parks according to tripadvisor. Poor article, with no labels to the entries and I have to guess some of them. They had the usual suspects of Central Park, NY high line, Millenium Park and Stanley Park — together with an unknown park it makes 5 of the 10 in North America, not what I’d describe as representative of the world. No Hyde Park and not a single one from Asia, Africa or Australia.

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Nowadays when we travel, we look for markets, water and parks. It’s always great to visit a new park in a new city, or revisit a park in a visited city. Just sitting on a bench, watching the world go by, how wonderful and peaceful. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big urban park or a small neighbourhood park, parks are the best. Here’s Green Park in London and Tokachigawa Park in Hokkaido.