getting ready


Mostly stayed inside today, apart from going out to lunch. The bad storm (and tornado warning) last night appeared to have taken down power in several places, an entire strip mall was without power, including the place we wanted to go for lunch. The petrol stations and supermarkets were open, may be they have their own back up generators.

Finished making the last of the pound cakes. Final count 47 small, 11 medium and 2 large, 8 flavours.

Final packing tomorrow morning. Make sandwiches, pack toiletries and the like. It’s hard sometimes for me to fully realise how large America is, our trip is 2/3 across the country and is 2,100 miles. Two thousand miles. To put things in terms that I recognise, Land’s End to John O’Groats is 874 miles. From London to Rome is 1,200 miles and from Edinburgh to Istanbul is 2,300 miles. We’re going to drive the same distance across Europe. Gulp.