road trip day 01: chicago to lincoln


Woke up around 7am. Took it easy, I was pretty much packed except for last minute stuff. Made sandwiches, took out the rubbish and loaded the car. Set off around 10.20am.

I spent the day being a grateful passenger, Carleen did all the hard work. I just sat there occasionally getting drinks or sandwiches. We stopped at an outlet, I bought a pair of socks because the pair I was wearing was worn out. Stopped for petrol twice as we drove all the way across Iowa. Entered Nebraska in the evening, stopped at a motel 6 at Lincoln after driving around 500 miles in 9 hrs. Good driving. I can add another state to my US states visited map.

Dinner at Cracker Barrel, I had a nice rainbow trout with 3 sides. Then back to our room to battle the slow internet, watch tv, relax.