return road trip day 06: rushmore, bears, badlands


Quick breakfast at hotel: half a waffle and a little eggs. Short drive to Mount Rushmore. At the crazy horse monument yesterday, they superimposed all 4 presidents onto the head of crazy horse, to show how large it is. I’d also read that people found mount rushmore to be smaller than expected. Wrong. I found the sculptures of the presidents very impressive. They were visible already from the car park and there was the grand viewing terrace which brought us very close to the sculpture. They also had one of the best gift shops of this trip, souvenirs weren’t as tacky as some places, there were lots of varieties (over 10 types of magnets) and quite reasonably priced too. I bought a baseball for gis, shot glasses, magnets and 10 tote bags ($2.99 each) for gifts.


On the way to the highway we passed by bear country usa, a small safari park. They had deers, goats, reindeers, an arctic fox, mountain lions and lots of bears. The drive around the park was slow as they were busy, this gave us lots of photo opportunities. At the end of the drive they had a small enclosure area with baby bears and other small animals like fox, otter. Most were asleep in the hot midday sun.


A short ways along the highway was badlands national park. Terrific landscape. We’d be driving along flat farmland and then in the park there were cliffs and ravines and canyons formed from clay and mineral deposits. It was extremely hot, desert weather and the haziness made the entire place seem like an alien landscape. We stopped at almost all the viewpoints along the 24-mile loop around the park, I jumped out and took pictures with our cameras.

And then my s110 developed lens error. Argh!!! Luckily I had the big camera with me, and it was towards the end of our trip.

We drove on until around 9pm and stopped at Mitchell. Most hotels were full, probably due to a rodeo or event in town. We managed to get the last room at the ramada inn. Dinner was takeaway pizza. There was no internet and we had problems with the front desk guy so I gave up and went to bed.