two meals, two days


Two meals in two days. First was pork roasted on the bone, rice and broccoli that Carleen’s aunt made as dinner yesterday. Simple, delicious and nutritious home cooking. The meat on the bones in particular was done to perfection, just a smidgen of pink.

The second was chinese takeaway we got today. Unlike in the UK, this was actually a busy, large restaurant that had on its menu chinese, thai and japanese food. We got egg rolls (american for spring rolls), crab rangoon (because I refuse to acknowledge it as food), wonton noodle, fried rice, beef & broccoli, roast pork and pad thai noodles. There was a lot of food, so no worries about going hungry. In terms of authenticity, it’s authentic american food. In terms of taste, it was better than fast food but I think my tastebuds have changed. It helped my hunger but I’m not in any hurry to go for seconds until I’m hungry again.