cocktails, wine, pizza, nutella calzone


It’s the start of overeating and drinking season. Met mm for lunch at a korean place, we had miso tofu soup and mixed offal soup. Warming and filling for the chills. We split up for about an hour to run separate errands then met with her mum and family friends for happy hour at the german bierhalle place. The others had cocktail but I stuck with a weissbier.


The rest of the group went off for dinner without me. I’d promised sis that I’d hang out with her. We went to Motorino for pizza. We shared a mushroom pizza and a salad. They had on their menu a wine they claimed was the perfect pizza wine. I’d never heard of Gragnano before, it was quite drinkable, a little sweet and as the menu said semi-sparkling. Sis says it tastes like fizzy ribena, hahaha. I googled it, and the “perfect pizza wine” came from New York Magazine.


For dessert sis had tiramisu and I tried their special of the day—nutella and marshmallow calzone. It was extremely large, and I think the size put me off so I could only take a few bites. I took the rest of it home. There should be running tomorrow so it can be the after-running snack.