more cocktails, chicken & beer

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It was raining so I went to sis’ to use the threadmill there. Natually we ended up going out to eat. First stop was Stone Nullah Tavern for a quick cocktail. I had something called Hillsboro Mile which had bourbon, pimms, mint—I can’t find it on google. Sis had an earl grey martini that did have a nice tea flavour. We munched on fried artichokes and kale. Both were nice but portions were small and not value for money.

Dinner was at a Korean fried chicken place. Korean-styled fried chicken is superior to almost all fried chicken in that the batter is thin, super crunchy and the whole dish very addictive. This place we went to had yummy fried chicken. I think the plate was the whole chicken. Quite heavily seasoned and peppery-spicy with juicy meat. I’d go again.