oneglass single serve wine pouches


Saw these 100ml single serve wine pouches from oneglass the other day, apparently a new product. They claim the paper, plastic and aluminium packaging is eco-friendly, easy to use and easy to carry.

I can see the advantages of taking one, or several, pouches when taking part in outdoor activities. I read a couple of books where our protagonists brought a whole bottle of wine on hiking or sledding trips and got gently told off by their friends. The problem is the heavy glass bottle that they also have to carry home empty. No such problems with these pouches. That they were on sale at the yacht club adds sailing/boating/kayaking as another activity that can benefit from these pouches.

Will I buy them? I might get one, for the fun factor. They are expensive. Haven’t tried the wine inside, but multiplying the cost of one pouch by 7.5 gives me almost double the price I’d normally pay for a bottle of cab or sangiovese. I guess they’re charging extra for design and gimmickiness. To be honest, if I were going hiking or sledding or kayaking and want to bring wine (or any drink), I’d use one of those to go bags popular in Singapore and other SE Asian countries. Or those flexible, collapsable water bottles. Or use a couple of ziploc bags.