wildflower powderpuff tree


Saw a pretty red wildflower at the side of the beachfront path to Middle Island on Christmas Day. Spherical red tendrils, and there were berries on the bush too.

Since I’m no good at plants and can only identify a handful of common flowers, I set about trying to find out the name of this flower. Surprisingly, google image came up short, presenting similarly shaped red flowers but not the one I took.

There are apps that identify flowers if you upload an image, or check off some descriptive criteria. The results were disappointing—either no result or another flower. Weird. It was a wildflower I saw at the side of the road, it can’t be that rare.

So, I turned to twitter. The result came in within 15mins. I was well impressed. Calliandra haematocephala, commonly known as the Powder Puff Tree, native to South America. There are comprehensive planting instructions too. Must have been carried by the wind from a garden nearby.


The new filters on instagram gave it a weird pop and texture, cute.