top 10 photo 2014

I posted over 6,000 photos and videos to flickr in 2014. And I thought 3,500 in 2013 was a lot. So many trips this year: Mediterranean cruise to Greece, Italy, Israel, West Bank; cruise to Alaska including stayover at Seattle and Vancouver; month-long visit to the US including epic road trip from Chicago to Portland that took in several national parks; 2 trips to Japan: Hokkaido & Tokyo; an end of year trip to Seoul. Not to mention family events, outings with mm (and her family). Plus my part in documenting the 79 days of the umbrella movement.

It was very tough to narrow 6,000 pics to ten. Mostly I went for scenery or ones that were memorable for me. I tried to include diverse regions but it was difficult, for instance most of the pics from Tokyo and Italy were repeats or food, since it’s not the first time I’ve visited those places. That said, I guess I managed to pick pics of the sea, lake, mountain and desert.


This was a surprising one. Out of the entire Alaska cruise trip, many pics of glaciers and mountains made the shortlist but this one of sunset at Buchart Gardens stayed with me longer. The light was fading fast, we’d just gotten to the bottom of the Japanese garden and making our way back to the entrance. I had to stand on a fence to get this quickly. No filters, no adjustments.

Not as good a year for food photography. Most food pics were instagram eating out, I had a rather poor cooking year. The product I was proudest was making a box of truffles for my niece’s birthday.