#47 101 foods tried

Task #47 of 101.1001 is to make a list and photoset of 101 food & drink items that are on popular bucket lists. These lists are subjective: exotic to one person may be normal for another. I’ve tried a number of items from the ominvore’s 100 and various food challenge lists, i’m at 92/100 on the foodie list. This list combines typical bucket list foods with food from a specific place.

Pics are clickable thumbnails, there’s also the full size set

    hksaikung022abalone praha096absinthe hknamahbakedalaska gre498baklava

  1. abalone — they can be expensive even in canned form, very nice steamed on the shell
  2. absinthe — tried in France, don’t like the aniseed taste, can’t say I’ll drink it again
  3. baked alaska — flambéd at the table
  4. baklava — comes in different sizes and varieties, first experience was from my local shops in London, have also tried ones in Greece and the middle east
  5. banh mi — before it became hipster food, we took the overnight ferry (no channel tunnel yet) and drove to the 13th arrondissement in Paris just to get them
    hok422kumagera osa096belly dal146dfwbeerita bittergourdomelette

  7. beef: kobe beef — in Osaka, was very tender and tasty
  8. beef: wagyu beef: again in Osaka, grilled at our table
  9. beer above 15% — 16% beer at the Zeughauskeller that may have also been the one that was flambéd
  10. beerita — tried at DFW, a corona inverted into a frozen margarita, now that’s a cocktail I can sink into
  11. bird’s nest soup — the bird’s nest doesn’t taste of anything, it’s the sweet soup that gives the dish flavour
  12. bitter gourd — didn’t like the taste when I was younger, but I quite like it now and it gives an extra flavour when mixed with apples and carrots in a fresh juice
    islay713bfastday2 stj015marrow strawberrypbsandwich sisuk039publunch

  14. blood — back pudding is something you can get at Tesco so it’s not really a bucket list item for me, but I guess it’s unusual for people outside of UK and Ireland; other blood products include pig’s and chicken blood tofu in congee, blood sausage in korea
  15. bone marrow — nose-to-tail at fergus henderson’s st john restaurant and at hawksmoor with steak, utterly delicious
  16. bread from poilane — best.bread.ever, yes I’m aware I put strawberry on the best sourdough bread ever
  17. british dishes with unusual names but common ingredients — see these on bucket lists all the time: bangers & mash, bubble & squeak, neeps & tatties, ploughman’s, toad in a hole, welsh rarebit
    etonmess01 shun043qqtea uni115butterbeer chikiki003cassoulet

  19. british puddings — apple crumble, arctic roll, bread & butter pudding, eton mess, jam roly-poly, spotted dick, sticky toffee pudding, suet pudding, summer pudding, trifle—yummy yummy yummy
  20. bubble tea — hot or cold, in sweet tea or milk tea or fruit tea, or even not tea like juice or milkshake, these bubbles are pretty versatile
  21. butterbeer — at hogwarts
  22. cassoulet — at a french restaurant in chicago, very classic
    vegcaviar centuryegg lou02sausage citic003chickenfeet

  24. caviar — it’s nice, though not something I’d order because of its price, I’ve tried vegetarian caviar and I quite like it
  25. century egg — black, quite soft, nice in congee or with pickled ginger as an appetiser
  26. chicago deep dish pizza — I prefer Lou Malnati, though Gino’s East is okay
  27. chicken feet — shrug, it’s dim sum food, can be eaten steamed with black beans or pickled until they turn white
    goodchickenrice01 sg061seafood brus395hotchoc pt245chowder

  29. chicken rice — tender chicken poached then blanched in ice water, the chicken juices and fat used to cook the rice, the trio of sauces — i used to buy them at the hawker centre, transfer to tupperware and take them home with me on the plane
  30. chilli crab at singapore’s east coast — holy cow those are good, expect to get sauce over all 10 fingers and have no shame at licking it all off
  31. chocolate in belgium — best hot chocolate at wittamer, and all the other stores too
  32. clam chowder at cape cod — they do taste different in new england, and they taste great
    cwall166creamtea mb051thali green curry vegetable durian

  34. cream tea in devon and cornwall — scones with clotted cream and jam, can’t get more English than this
  35. curry in india — colleague took us to an all-vegetarian restaurant where we got a thali each, with rice and dishes being served to us constantly
  36. curry in thailand — green curry, red curry, yellow curry, at small places as well as higher end restaurants
  37. durian — probably my #1 most hated food. my grandparents, sis and mm all love durian so I tried one bite and I spit it out
    gold331escargot dragonfruit02 kangaroosteak02 stk398meatball

  39. escargot — used to buy them in large bags at the hypermarket in Calais or Boulogne, love it with lots of garlic and butter
  40. exotic fruit — dragon fruit, jackfruit, kalamansi, kumquat, mangosteen, quince, rambutan, star fruit, sugar apple
  41. exotic meat — camel burger—quite tough, crocodile, goat, horsemeat, kangaroo steak from the tail—like good quality beef, llama—like coarse mince beef, ostrich—which we’re eating a lot of nowadays, pigeon, rabbit, venison—normal venison is widely available, but I’ve also tried other deer like hartbeest, elan & springbok, zebra—at Carnivore restaurant in Nairobi
  42. faggots — meatballs, basically
    gold354fishtaco ldn145goldhind courgetteflowers06 bluebutcher032foie

  44. fish taco — first experience was in san francisco when I visited my friend tues at a hole-in-the-wall place, it was great
  45. fish and chips — is a very popular bucket list entry, and you have to have it wrapped in newspaper, smothered with salt and vinegar with mushy peas
  46. flowers — courgette (zucchini) flowers cooked by Carleen’s Grandma that were sublime
  47. foie gras — I have a couple of blocks in my cupboard, it’s now a sunday brunch item
    beetchicken03 hk206ricepot tok0028puffer praha312gelato

  49. fried green tomato — made it myself
  50. frog’s legs — like tender chicken, can be stir-fried, steamed on rice or in hot pot
  51. fugu — aka puffer fish or blowfish, the slightly poisonous fish that requires chefs to be specially trained and certified, shared a set at a fugu restaurant of sashimi and shabu shabu fugu, quite expensive and nice texture, no sign of the tingling some people report
  52. gelato in italy — is definitely the real deal
    hklym15geoduck ediblegoldcake hkgcrab002inside hawaiianroll

  54. geoduck — as sashimi or quickly cooked in a hotpot
  55. gold — edible gold found sprinkled on top of some desserts, don’t see the point
  56. hairy crab — small freshwater crabs that have little meat but lots of brown roe in their shell, can’t have too much because of the cholesterol
  57. hawaiian rolls — king’s, which I could get at my local supermarket in chicago, it’s your typical american non-bread bread
    stk017bfastherring nyc112papaya hok492tomita silkwormbeondegi

  59. herring — one of our favourite snacks in amsterdam was pickled herring, also had it at breakfast in stockholm
  60. hot dog at Papaya King NYC — there’s a branch at 86th and 3rd; I used to live at 96th and 3rd so I used to walk down at weekends just to get the hot dog and papaya smoothie combo
  61. ice cream made from vegetables — tried potato and pumpkin ice cream at hokkaido
  62. insect — a 101.1001 challenge on its own — silkworm pupae from a street vendor in seoul
    tky069kitkat korfood003kimchi kopiluwak lassisweet

  64. japanese chocolate — for instance, kitkats that come in all sorts of flavours
  65. jellied eel — tasted fine if a bit slimy, I didn’t like the bones
  66. kimchi — it’s now an intangible heritage as determined by unesco
  67. kopi luak (civet cat coffee) — tried a couple of sips from mm’s cup, not enough of a coffee drinker to tell either way
  68. lassi — both sweet mango and savoury, no wonder it’s a perfect accompaniment to curry
    pt248lobsterbefore vegemite01 frontera003trio 18before

  70. maine lobster — new year’s eve 1999, I met with some friends of a friend and they had a whole bucket of main lobsters, totally scrumptious
  71. marmite / vegemite — either one, I like them both and yes, it’s an acquired taste
  72. mexican at frontera grill — just walked in by myself, even got into a twitter exchange with rick bayless (or his social media people)
  73. noodles — laksa (both singapore style and penang style), pho, wonton noodles—japanese ramen is its own category
    ducktongue szhyatt017okra nz1548waitomo kent022oysters

  75. offal — pretty much tried them all: chicken gizzards, chitterlings, pig’s ears, tongue, kidney, heart, tripe, calf’s liver, brain
  76. okra — they are great grilled, not slimy at all, this is one of the food on this list that I have regularly, now that okra is easy to find at the market
  77. ostrich egg — one ostrich egg = 24 hen eggs, bought a quarter portion and made omelette
  78. oyster — I think people who don’t like the sliminess or texture haven’t tried delicate, sweet oysters
    paczki ldn174mktpaella pannacottayogurt007 2012hkpeking03duck

  80. paczki — my colleague treated me
  81. paella — we went skiing in andorra and were so tempted to buy our own paella pan
  82. panna cotta — i make it occasionally
  83. peking duck — it is more a special occasion food
    ctaste018goat ldnstrfood013hogroast purplesprouts02 kan012kyotoramen

  85. plantain — at taste of chicago, interesting texture and taste, don’t know if I’ll know how to cook with it
  86. pork crackling — way too yummy and way too unhealthy, when I tried making pork belly myself, had to slice the skin off and fry separately to get crackling
  87. purple vegetables — purple cauliflower, purple sprouting broccoli, purple peppers, purple sweet potato, love love love purple vegetables
  88. ramen in japan — authentic ramen from a hole-in-the-wall where you buy the appropriate ticket and pass to the server or chef, the sort of place david chang will approve
    sisuk006bday whbbq013pig quaileggmkt01 sushiuni

  90. red velvet cake — red velvet cheesecake is our favourite at cheesecake factory, also got sis a giant red velvet cupcake for her birthday one year
  91. roast suckling pig — the crispy skin and the tender meat, a dangerous combination, especially when we barbequed it ourselves
  92. quail’s eggs — so fiddly to shell, delicate taste but too high in cholesterol
  93. sea urchin — uni sashimi, sushi or handroll, yummy
    gcls13291inout sprdeer002shark snakesoup kan015calpis

  95. secret menu — at in-n-out: double double, mustard grilled with well done fries and peppers on the side
  96. shark’s fin soup — it’s become highly controversial and people are substituting for other soup, which is a good thing, the flavour comes from the chicken and herbs rather than the shark’s fin anyway
  97. sichan spicy hot pot 麻辣火鍋 — can I say, hot hot hot
  98. snake — good stuff, especially in a soup on a cold winter’s day, and yes it tastes like chicken (may be it’s because the soup base is chicken soup and there is a lot of shredded chicken in the bowl)
  99. soft drinks that are slightly unusual — gunner (ginger beer+ginger ale), arnold palmer (iced tea+lemonade), irn bru, watermelon soda, pocari sweat, bikkle, yakult, coffee pepsi, calpis, soft drink served in a plastic bag in singapore
    hk420nhacrabroll tx123babe spacefood01 paris101beeftartine

  101. soft shell crab — I like it as a handroll
  102. southern fried chicken — the greasy, crunchy, big-plated kind you find in Texas
  103. space food — they all have the same consistency and look like a freeze dried block, but it definitely taste like what it says on the package, I’d like to sprinkle space mint choc chip ice cream on real mint choc chip ice cream
  104. steak tartare — there’s a place in Paris near pompidou called Dame Tartine that serves the best steak and fish tartare, so good we went there twice
    goodstickyrice01 tw234stinkytofu praha031ham kor653snack

  106. sticky rice — white and black sticky rice with mango = one of the best south-east asian sweets
  107. stinky tofu — it just smells funny, in terms of taste it’s deep fried tofu, crunchy on the outside and soft inside
  108. street food — in nyc, in portland, in most asian cities, eastern europe, in london there is a street food festival on the south bank every weekend during the summer; street food is big nowadays
    tok026chirashi hk273sashimi ledbury011asparagus ledbury030souffle

  110. sushi at Tsukiji market tokyo, fish market osaka, fish market sapporo — having sushi at the top fish markets in the world is special
  111. sushi from live fish ikizukuri — and lobster too; still moving when we ate the flesh, then the carcass was used to make soup
  112. tagine — with cous cous or bulgar wheat, was almost tempted to buy a tagine myself
  113. tasting menu at a michelin star restaurant — both lunch and dinner, the first time at the ledbury was for mum’s birthday and they gave us a brilliant soufflé to celebrate
    tehtarik syd104harrys ldngoodman018mac xmas11007plate

  115. teh tarik — india and singapore, there’s something about the pulling that gives the tea its signature lightness
  116. tiger at harry’s café de wheels sydney — beef pie, mash, peas and gravy, can’t find a better combination anywhere in the world
  117. truffle — one time when we were still poor students, we went to Carlucci’s and splurged out on white truffle omelette, lately there’s a lot of truffle macaroni cheese in restaurants
  118. turducken — instead of chicken in duck in turkey, I had guinea fowl, duck & pheasant
    twinkies wasabipeas ork00highlandpark sd128winery

  120. twinkies — THE American snack food, I thought it tasted sweet and like processed sponge, unlikely to try again unless starving
  121. wasabi peas — i can eat the whole packet
  122. watermelon vodka — took a week to make, very interesting taste, easy to get drunk on it, also was in charge of making caipirinha at the same party, parts of which I have no memory of
  123. whisky more than 30 years old — highland park 30 and 40, plus held a 50yr HP bottle
  124. wine made from peach, pear, rhubarb, blackcurrant, preserved plums, rice, soaked with snake, vampire wine, wine in a bottle shaped like a lighthouse, writers tears irish whiskey, and soju, the world’s best selling liquor — if it has alcohol, I’ll try it