world whisky awards 2015 japan leg winners

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The results of the Japan leg of the World Whiskies Awards 2015 are out, these are the contenders that will be brought to the WWA final in London:

  • best single malt: yamazaki 18 (other finalists miyagikyo NAS & 12, yamazaki 25)
  • best blended malt: taketsuru 17 (other finalists taketsuru NAS, 21)
  • best blended: hibiki 21 (other finalists super nikka, tsuru 17)
  • best grain: fuji-gotemba blender’s choice


Yamazaki gets the nod for best single malt again, although it’s interesting that the 18 beat the 25. I’m happy about since it keeps our beloved Nikka whiskies a little bit under the radar.

Interesting remark #3, that from Nikka the preferred whisky is Miyagikyo, when it’s been Yoichi the past few years. When we tasted the flights at the Nikka bar at Sapporo last year, I told mm that I preferred Miyagikyo—Yoichi is slightly smoky and Miyagikyo is smoother. We visited the Yoichi distillery in Hokkaido but it’s unlikely we’ll visit Miyagikyo in our lifetime. The distillery is located in Sendai, site of the devastating 2011 tsunami; and only 50 miles from the Fukushima nuclear plant. There’s been speculation about how “safe” the post-2011 batches of Miyagikyo will be—now is the time to stock up.

And I didn’t know Hibiki is blended as opposed to blended malt. No wonder a) it keeps winning all these awards; b) I keep trying and trying and trying and I never ever like it. It’s not snobbery, I have yet to find a blended whisky I like. The only ones that came close are Naked Grouse and some of the Compass Boxes, but I’ll never buy them. At the £30-ish price range, I’d rather spend my money on Highland Park 12.