winebeast bistro with sis

winebeast01 winebeast02cornas

Met sis for dinner at a new place called winebeast. It’s a bistro in a narrow street behind the market, next to a couple of other new hipster-looking place. The restaurant itself was incredibly small, with barely any room for the staff to walk between guest chairs. We didn’t have a reservation, got a couple of seats at the bar.

The owner recommended a bottle of cornas—I was looking at côtes-du-rhône and châteauneuf-du-pape and cornas is from the same region, priced somewhere in between the two. It took 20mins of breathing, then it tasted great.

winebeast03tartare winebeast04lamb

Sis had beef tartare, she thought it was too sour from the vinegar or citrus added. I thought it was quite nice, although I did go for a 12km run earlier and was hungry. I ate half her portion, since she had a late lunch and still full. I ordered slow cooked lamb shoulder with chickpea purée, carrot, mushroom and a mango & kumquat sauce. Well cooked, perfectly medium rare, although the fat wasn’t all rendered off properly. Pleasantly surprised by the generous portion—I expected fine dining portion sizes and sis reminded me that it’s a bistro, with a french owner and french chef.

I tried the dessert of poached pear with mulled wine ice cream. The pear was just poached and the ice cream was more like a sorbet, which worked out well.

A very nice meal. Not cheap, but we didn’t feel cheated.