cooking for the masses

The retirement home where mm volunteers is apparently looking for a cook. I’m guessing volunteer also. The requirements are cleanliness, know how to cook for 20+ people and other usual criteria. Of course mm wants me to start volunteering so she perhaps jokingly suggested that we should apply and show off our cooking skills.

I’m skeptical. I doubt the retired fathers and nuns there are used to my style of cooking. And I doubt there are suitable equipment; an oven is out of the question.

I got to thinking though, what if I am asked to cook for 20 elderly people. What will I cook? I’m sure there is a budget so only simple ingredients.

chickencacciatore02 poachchicken01

My first instinct is chicken. A simple chicken cacciatore with pasta or healthy, no oil poached chicken with rice and vegetables. Both recipes use chicken breast, which is more expensive but easier to digest. Easy to adapt to boneless chicken thigh or drumstick.

sisuk107indian green curry vegetable

With many mouths to feed, a one-pot meal makes sense. May be curry, which can be made with chicken or vegetables. Or portugese chicken, which is chicken curry without the spiciness.

risottomushroom happynoodles01

For a more carb-heavy meal I could make risotto (aracini with leftovers) or that simple dish from the now defunct happy noodles: pork chop, sausages, fried egg with fried noodles. I don’t know if any of these recipes are scalable, I hope so.