running shoes: new, cheap, how to lace and tie

nikefree201501 Saucony Kinvara 4 Running Shoes
nike frees are mine, kinvaras courtesy sprogz

Always on the lookout for running shoes and related news. Gear Patrol has 25 best running shoes of 2015, and the trend is the blurring of lines between the traditional neutral, stability and minimal labels. Looking at the road (vs trail) selection, there are the usual brooks, mizuno, nike, new balance (ugh) as well as the more unfamiliar skora, karhu and APL. I’m surprised there are no sauconys or asics, I adore my kinvaras especially since they are in orange.

They’re all expensive, US$100 or more; the nike lunar 3 are $200. Eeep, eeep and double eeep.

I think anything over $120 is excessive, my preferred price point is $50-80. There’s an argument that even $50 is too expensive. Supermarkets and high street shops offer way cheaper models. Saw that someone reviewed $16 walmart running shoes. They do look pretty good, probably because they’re a copy of nike free 3.0s. But that’s where the positive ends. The foam at the bottom comes off, there is no grip, the material is even more inflexible than a regular leather shoe. The takeaway lesson: $16 walmart running shoes are really bad. Save up, look out for prior years’ models or watch out for runningwarehouse specials. For instance, mizuno waves are $55 and kinvara 5s are $60. These don’t cause blisters and last for thousands of miles.

Talking about sneaker reviews, here’s a hilarious one via digg of a seriously monotone review of air jordans including an incredibly detailed description of every.single.side of the box:

on this side of the box there is the color black

Anyway, once we get our new running shoes, we need to learn how to lace and tie them properly. There are so many methods of lacing for different purposes. Sometimes I get nagging pain at the top of my foot so the hotspot method may work. The runners’ tie that loops around the top eyelet is well known and a good tip.


I’ve also been taught to lace my sneakers so the laces end up on the inside at the top. Securely tie and the knot stays in place to make it easy to slip off and put on the shoes. There’s this way of lacing so that the laces are hidden inside the shoes and don’t get tangled up, may be I’ll try this out too.