shunde again


For the second time in a week, we’re off to shunde again. I stayed over at mm’s last night because we were catching the 7am coach from the stop near her place. I checked the bus schedule, the earliest bus that would go to the coach station is 6.30am, which doesn’t leave enough time for me. Didn’t sleep well last night, struggled to wake up at 5.30am. Slept a bit on the coach, compared to during the week, there were a lot more people, coaches and traffic. The journey took longer.

The purpose of going up was to visit the cemetery. They moved her sis up there last year, and it’s the first time either of us had visited. We paid our respects and said short prayers.

There was time after lunch before the return coach. We (me, mm, her brother) used the time wisely at a massage place opposite the coach station. Foot massage with additional head and shoulder massage. Perfect timing to catch the bus back. Traffic again but few people at the border so crossing was fast.

Quick dinner with her mum, then we went our separate ways home. Tired. But still needed to do laundry—hot day meant wet and smelly clothes.