running, ramen, whisky, curry


Woke up early at 8am, even with the aircon on, it was hot at night. Decided to brave the 32ºC weather to do my long run. Supposed to be 8miles, so I did the just-under-12km route to the end of bowen road and back. I was pretty exhausted towards the end, and my shirt was so completely soaked, it had taken on a darker colour altogether.

Had ham and egg sandwich (which I cut into rectangles, see yesterday’s post) then met Sis and niece for more lunch of ramen. Cute cartoon of how to eat ramen at this authentic hole-in-the-wall place where the chefs were from Japan. I took my niece on the train to her school friend’s place so they could work on their school project while sis went off to do some errands.

Met with sis at the fcc and introduced her to bourbon—she had a bit of a cough and wanted whisky to clear it up, I thought the sweetness of the bourbon will be more pleasing. I had a Glenrothes Special Reserve, which I thought was surprisingly nice.

The good thing about a long run is I didn’t have to worry about calories. Had fish soup followed by paneer korma. The korma was delicious, very creamy and not spicy at all. Vegetarian to boot.