running, library, haircut, airport

Woke up early, at 7am. Had some cereal then headed out for the midweek 5 mile run. It was already quite hot at 8am and the sun was quite strong in some parts of the running path. Ran to the second water fountain and back. I’ll probably need to get up at 5 or 6am to avoid the sun, eeeek.

Made lunch of chicken drumstick with a warm salad of quinoa, halloumi and green beans. Nice. The halloumi is quite old, so needed to be used up. Love mixing it with either quinoa or couscous and a vegetable. Perfect for stuffing peppers or beef tomatoes actually.


Went to the library to borrow a couple of guidebooks on New Orleans. I should begin to do some research on where to visit, there will be a day or two free before the conference starts for exploring.

Haircut next. It’s been over 3 months so my hair was looooong. When I sit around doing nothing, I’m dripping with sweat. There were a lot of people at Sam’s when I got there but the wait wasn’t long. He cut off a lot of hair, he said probably around 2/3rd, there was definitely a big pile on the floor.

The original plan for today was to go home. But mm is flying off tonight and even though we met yesterday I wanted to see her again. So I went off to her place, helped her pack and we had an early dinner. I took the airport bus with her to the airport, we had about an hour so we had tea and coke at Mcdonald’s. Finally it was time for her to meet her group and time for me to head home. Sniff. It seemed to be a long lonely ride home for me (including changing buses). So strange, this clinginess, we never experience this. She did part of her articles in London and I was away for a total of 6, 7 years and we were fine.