new yorker playdate cover


I’ve been known to text or IM people sitting a few feet away from me, so I understand the idea behind the recent New Yorker cover. I showed it to my niece and she nodded in agreement. I’m afraid to show it to my sis though, I don’t think she’ll get it.

At first glance, it’s about 2 kids each engrossed on their own computers and seemingly ignoring each other. The article title is Playdate, so it stands to reason that these 2 kids are supposed to be playing together. Parents may be worried about the lack of f2f interaction, the addiction to computer games.

But as the article explained, the kids are actually playing Minecraft. And for this generation of kids, Minecraft is their way of playing together. I must admit I tried playing, and I got hopelessly lost and my interest waned. It’s definitely a generational thing. The BBC asked should parents be worried about Minecraft? I think the danger of addiction is very real, but there are definitely lots of benefits to Minecraft. It encourages creativity and fosters community, my niece told me they have Minecraft parties and they even created a birthday cake in Minecraft for one of their friends. Seems to me that in moderation, there are more benefits than harm.