driving to NOLA part 1

nola004mississippi nola005mississippi

The plan was simple: start at 8am, have breakfast around 9-10am, drive around 8hrs to somewhere around Memphis, stop at dinnertime to find a hotel and have an early night.

We did get on the road at 8am, 7.50am in fact. Stopped at a Denny’s at around 9.30am for breakfast. So far so good. The only problem was that cousin K’s car’s a/c broke down so she had to buy a fan. Then in the afternoon she suffered a flat tire and other issues with her brand new car.

Long story short, we spent the next few hours either waiting or frustrated or both. Eventually we had to leave her car at the dealer’s in Missouri, transfer her stuff over to our car, then all of us squeeze in for the rest of the journey. We were about 4-5hrs behind schedule.

When it came time to look for a hotel, we ran into fully booked issues too. After asking at 6-7 places, we finally found room at a Ramada Inn at Batesville south of Memphis. A long day, I was tired even though most of what I did was sit in a car. We did cross the Mississippi at Missouri and drove alongside it for a while. Hopefully a good night’s sleep and we will catch up tomorrow.