driving to NOLA part 2


Woke up at 9.25am after sleeping through the night, so we were quite refreshed. Hot and humid start to the day. Lunch was quick, drive-thru mcdonalds. The scenery and greenery changed as we went into Louisiana; the closer we got to the coast the lusher the vegetation and we drove along rivers and lakes for the last part of the drive. Very different and stunning scenery. The route was clear all the way to New Orleans and we made it to the Hilton Riverside at around 3.30pm.

The front of the hotel was busy with people loading and unloading. The hotel wanted to charge us per box to bring up to the room, it’s ridiculous. By the time we got everything up to one room we were tired, cranky and hot.

Early dinner at the buffet at the casino opposite the hotel. Salad, oysters, prawns, roast beef, fried chicken, lots of asparagus and local specialities like crawfish étouffée and cajun shrimps. Dessert was disappointing. Lots of cake, almost all of them dry; cheesecake that we mistook for pannacotta; bread pudding that was okay if a bit stodgy.

Back to hotel, I did a little running in the fitness centre. Showered, caught up with my friend A and posts for the past few days.