driving back day 02

siuc02map siuc03building

Another no hurry day, I opened my eyes and it was almost 9am. We got underway quickly, at around 9.30am. Filled up the car, got some drinks and headed off. In no time at all we were back in IL and signs for chicago started appearing. Went for a short drive-by of southern illinois university at carbondale, where Carleen earned one of her many degrees. It’s a huge campus, so large that it’s like a town that needs its own map. Pretty buildings too. So different compared with King’s.

Uneventful drive. I had a small headache and fell asleep with the movement of the car. Ran into a small thunderstorm which was actually good because it got cooler for a while. Got back to Carleen’s house before 6pm.

Checked into my flight as soon as I got back and had wifi. Dinner was frozen custard, I had one with mint and melted chocolate. I think next time I’ll just have a plain one with raspberries and strawberries. Again a quiet night, catching up on sorting pics, posting and reading the dozens and dozens of notifications I had on fb. I had a post thanking the Director’s for the award and I got over 60 “likes” which is a record for me.