running inside concrete jungle

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6.25km 53.08min 8.30min/km

A slightly different running route took me up past the university campus around an isolated one-way street into a housing estate. This is a small, sad housing estate served by one bus route and what looks like one or two minibus routes. There are only 4 blocks in total, making it very small compared with the sprawl of other estates. Barely any shops: one 7-eleven, one small supermarket, one atm (not even a working branch). Other shopfronts are either empty or shuttered.

Some housing estates are no-go areas because of crime. This one, I don’t think anyone goes there because there’s nothing worthwhile to visit. Elderly people sit out in the public areas just staring into space (and at me, funny, I don’t think they get many runners running through). There are a disproportionate number of nursing homes and elderly people vans.

It’s built on a hill, so there is some open view to other built up areas. Not even the trees in the foreground can lift the overall gloom and doom. An empty playground, because it’s been raining. Not slides and apparatus for children; there are machinery for exercising legs and arms—the sort of park popular with elderly people. Everything about the place is so forgotten and forlorn.